Your landscape isn’t all about the greenery! Hardscaping is a great way to add depth and features to your property. Tim’s Landscape Creations is the local authority on hardscaping, bringing you paver creations that are truly complementary to your foliage and gardens. We handle hardscaping the right way, starting with careful prep work and finishing with perfectly-laid pavers in any configuration that suits your property.

  • land clearing
  • Land Clearing

    The first step in hardscaping is careful site preparation, which means clearing the land to make way for whatever your hardscape vision is. We have the earthmoving tools and other equipment to clear large swaths of your property and have frequently worked with commercial projects requiring extensive land clearing. We take care not to disturb any existing landscaping and work with your unique hardscaping plan top-of-mind, to ensure everything is properly prepared.

  • irrigated landscaping
  • Grading, Irrigation & Drainage

    To ensure the final hardscaping installation will stand the test of time, we put extensive thought and foresight into grading, irrigation and drainage. While clearing and excavating the land, we also grade everything and take care of irrigation to ensure pooling water won’t be an issue in the future. This also prevents things like soil saturation, which can cause shifting and erosion of pavers and other hardscaped elements.

  • paved driveway
  • Paver Driveways, Walkways & Pathways

    After your property is prepped, we get to work hardscaping it! We’re capable of installing patios, walkways, pathways and paver driveways. As members of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), we’re adept at working on projects of all sizes and scopes—from the simplest walking path to the most complex tiered patio or wraparound driveway. Every paver is laid with precision and coordinated to create beautiful appeal when the project is finished.

Hardscape Your Property

From simple residential patios to extensive walking paths through commercial properties, Tim’s Landscape Creations brings bold, beautiful hardscaping solutions to life on your property. Contact us today for a hardscaping plan that’s designed and executed for maximum beauty and practicality. Reach us at 928-537-9065.