You Need Land Clearing: Landscaping Contractors in Show Low, AZ Explain Why

June 6, 2019

People buy large parcels of land for a variety of reasons. Individuals might want to build a custom home from the foundation up, while developers may see available land as an opportunity to construct new housing or business complexes. Then there’s land that’s been used for farming and agricultural purposes. Whatever your goal may be, if the land you plan to buy has not been cleared, building any structure on it is going to be a challenge. This is where land clearing services come in.

The process is just as its name suggests: land clearing removes obstacles, including trees, shrubbery, stumps and rocks, to make way for construction projects or land improvement. Reasons for land clearing range from residential and commercial development to environmental improvement.

Below, our experienced landscaping contractors in Show Low, AZ explain why land clearing is important and why you might need professional land cleaning services.

Why someone wants to clear their land

Land clearing can be difficult and time-consuming, depending on the size of the lot and the amounts of trees, brush, roots, rocks and other obstacles that need to be removed. It’s a process that requires heavy machinery operated by trained professionals. As mentioned above, there are many reasons for land clearing. Here’s a closer look at a few:

  • General use: Not everyone buys land to use right away. Whether you want to utilize it immediately or in the future, thoroughly assess any plot of land you may want to clear. The most common reason to start clearing is to make way for the beginning stages of a residential or commercial construction project. You need to clear the land so the foundation of the building can be poured and the structure built on top.
  • Farming: Farmers grow food that will go to market and feed the country. In order to plant crops, farmers must first clear their land of trees, brushes, stumps, thick roots, rocks and holes. Once cleared, nutritious soil can be incorporated into the existing dirt so crops can grow.
  • Residential: A homeowner might want to make use of property they already own, but can’t due to overgrowth or other obstacles. If this is the case and the homeowner wants to build new structures or plant gardens, a land clearing team is hired to clear the way. Perhaps someone buys forested land for a new home build. The land owner decides which patch to build on, has it professionally cleared and then construction can begin.
  • Commercial or home developments: Land developers seek out large parcels of land to build new housing/apartment complexes or neighborhoods. On the commercial side, construction companies are hired to design and build things like business towers or shopping centers, but the land must be cleared before construction can begin.

If you own land that needs clearing and you need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact Tim’s Landscape Creations. Our team has the most experienced landscaping contractors in Show Low, AZ, and we’re ready to get started on your land project!

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