On the Record: Reasons to Schedule Professional Landscaping Early

April 5, 2019

Properly pruned trees and trimmed shrubs, nicely cut grass, flowers planted in neat rows, sprinkler systems bringing the right amount of water to lawns and plants—landscaping is one of those things that every homeowner wants to be proud of. And while there’s a lot that you can do yourself, it really doesn’t hurt to enlist the services of a professional landscaping company. This is especially true if you also have outdoor lighting, water features, fire features or hardscaping incorporated into traditional yard landscaping.

With the warm and pleasant spring weather on its way, homeowners across the country will want to ready their gardens and yards for the new season. How prepared are you? Below are six excellent reasons to schedule a team early for professional landscape maintenance in Show Low, AZ:

  • Avoid busy periods and the landscaping rush: Landscapers’ appointment books get filled up very quickly as the year goes on. Any landscaping professional will tell you that the biggest boom in bookings happens just before spring arrives, and their schedules only get more packed as the season goes on.
  • It’s a good time to determine maintenance needs: Early in the season is one of the best times to evaluate existing landscaping and determine what maintenance is needed. Trees and shrubs can be pruned and shaped, and entire plants can be relocated to other spots in the yard for better growth. If you have garden features like water fountains or outdoor fireplaces, early inspections can check for damage.
  • Projects can run over schedule: If there’s one thing landscapers suggest to their customers, it would be to get themselves on the appointment schedule list as early in the year as possible instead of waiting until the last minute. This is because garden projects sometimes run over schedule due to unexpected challenges and additional requests. Better to get on the schedule early and avoid the effects of other customers’ delays!
  • The weather can change: Although it’s not typically as wet in spring like it is during the winter months, you never know when Mother Nature will rain down on your parade. Unexpected heat is also not out of the question. That being said, keep in mind that sometimes a change in the weather can throw entire projects off schedule by days or even weeks, pushing everything else in the books back a notch.
  • Specific services might be needed: Some landscapers do everything, while others offer a specific set of skills. For example, you might need outdoor lighting experts, or a person knowledgeable in maintaining backyard water features. If there’s a company that you enjoy working with, make sure to book their services now!
  • Inspect irrigation systems before use: After a long winter sitting dormant, it’s beneficial to have a professional look at your sprinkler system. They will check for damage, reposition the sprinkler heads, adjust water spray patterns and help set your timers for efficiency.

If you are looking to hire a skilled landscape designer in Show Low, AZ, you’re in luck! Just pick up the phone and call the experts at Tim’s Landscape Creations. You are always welcome to call us with questions or to schedule landscaping services for your home or business!

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